Kansas City Chiefs: Pick 18 & 49

Kansas City Chiefs fans are coming up to a fun time of year that eventually leads to disappointment and hair pulling, and not the fun kind.

In 2011, the only pick I enjoyed was the Justin Houston pick.

In 2012, the only pick I enjoyed was Dontari Poe pick.

In 2013, the only pick I enjoyed was Knile Davis.

In 2014, the only pick I was excited about was Dee Ford. Yikes.

In 2015…

I don’t know what I want to happen for sure yet. My biggest concern for this Chiefs team? Getting the ball out of Alex Smith’s hands. Let’s face it, we are stuck with Alex Smith. The same quarterback that had a lacerated spleen from getting knocked on his ass so much because our O-Line was THAT terrible. I can’t imagine what Alex would be like with confidence in his protection and time to throw because I have never seen it happen. With a powerhouse squad of giant men to form a bubble around Smith, he could turn into our MVP. (Oh god, I almost choked saying that)

So why put the cart before the horse? You can’t throw the ball to receivers if you can’t even protect the quarterback long enough for him to throw. You NEED to get him the best protection available.

#18- La’el Collins

No, not Andrus Peat

Collins started at left guard for LSU as a true freshman and bounced up to left tackle once he earned his starting guard position and quickly dominated at tackle. While a lot of scouts see him fitting better at guard, the Chiefs could use both and especially a guy as versatile as Collins. His game against Florida is widely regarded as his best performance of the 2014 season, and he doesn’t disappoint. Check it out:

Click HERE for Video on La’el Collins

I am looking forward to Collins showing out at the NFL Combine this week. While this pick is subject to change after the Combine, I’m still leaning towards OT for the first round pick.

#49- Sammie Coates

I’m all aboard this Auburn WR’s bandwagon. While most would be surprised since I made this awful face all over national TV when they beat us…


It’s something that I have come to accept that the Chiefs need Sammie like the desert needs the rain. He’s fast, he’s good on slants, and he’s able to make plays happen. Trust me, I saw it all up close and too personal. Also has the ability to go deeeeeeep. We “lost” Avery and Jenkins yesterday, could possibly lose Bowe unless he restructures contract and realizes he was basically useless in 2014.

One last note, NO I do not want Dorial Green-Beckham on the Kansas City Chiefs. That is all.

Over the next couple weeks I will revisit the upcoming NFL Draft and talk about what the Chiefs should be doing and offer my reasons behind the picks. Look for mock drafts from us and a possible NFL Draft party in the KC area coming up!