The Kansas City Chiefs: Better Than the Raiders


The Kansas City Chiefs are determined to give their fans a heart attack each week, and it is getting out of control. Will Clark Hunt pay for medical bills when half of the #ChiefsKingdom needs life support week after week? Why are people so sold on the Oakland Raiders being Super Bowl contenders? Has everyone completely forgotten the last decade of terrible Raiders football? Sit back and let me remind you of why Chiefs fans across the nation (kingdom, whatever) are not afraid of the big bad Raiders.

noChiefs Strength of Schedule

The Oakland Raiders have a more difficult schedule than the Kansas City Chiefs based solely on their opponents win percentage in 2015. The first loss of the season came to the Falcons, at home and with Jack Del Rio’s decision making skills being questioned by the perpetually unhappy fans. What happened next? The Raiders went on a winning streak against powerhouses like the Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers. The largest margin of victory in those three games? A touchdown. So none of them were dominant games with the Raiders in full control on both sides of the ball. So naturally, Raiders fans are already celebrating being the better 7-2 team when that is quickly proven wrong by…

Head to Head

Uhhhhh hey #RaidersNation, did y’all forget the 26-10 loss on October 16th? The #ChiefsKingdom sure didn’t. Since most power rankings have come out this week, the Raiders are ranked over the Chiefs even though the Chiefs brought the Raiders their second loss of the season. This is totally fine in my opinion, mainly because there is still plenty of time left for the Raiders to resort back to going 8-8 and wanting to fire everyone on their coach staff. Fact: The Oakland Raiders have finished below .500 for 13 straight seasons. While that outcome is far from realistic, it is more than possible that the Raiders end up choking in the second half of the season.

  • November 21st vs Houston Texans
  • November 27th vs Carolina Panthers
  • December 4th vs Buffalo Bills
  • December 8th @ Kansas City (Thursday Night Football)
  • December 18th @ San Diego
  • December 24th vs Indianapolis Colts
  • January 1st @ Denver Broncos

I see the Raiders coming out of the remainder of their season with losses against Buffalo, Kansas City, San Diego and Denver with Houston, Carolina and Indianapolis very close games as well. However, none of this matters.

None of This Matters

None of it. Not the power rankings, my predictions, nor the experts choosing Oakland over Kansas City simply because it is “Oakland’s year” and other crap you may have heard throughout social media. What matters is having a team on the field that does whatever it takes to win and has the right components to do so. Kansas City has looked ridiculous in the last few games, I’ll give you that. Kansas City has still won those games. The national media wanted to call the Royals a fluke going into the World Series back to back years. Similarly, they want to ignore the facts that no prediction/power ranking/single stat can measure:

This Kansas City Chiefs team wins games that they shouldn’t win and they are doing it at the perfect time in the season to march into the playoffs rested and recovered. This team has developed talent into leaders in the NFL at their position. This team is getting hot at the right time.

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