K-State Football is Back

Let’s just get this started off right:


It has been a long summer. I have probably listened to “Proud of The House We Built”, by Brooks and Dunn, over 100 times, watched all the hype videos, reading all the preseason predictions and wore all my purple in Lawrence. It’s time for Wildcat football.

Sept. 2 vs. Central Arkansas: A Game Review

This game represents the first game for a very young Wildcat team. In typical Bill Snyder fashion, many JUCO kids and red shirt players make up his starting line. This includes red shirt sophomores Scott Frantz, Alex Barnes and Isaiah Zuber. Bill Snyder is the master of creating a team from a group of stereotypically middle of the road players and turning them into a magical conglomerate of purple warriors.

As much as I am excited for college football and K-State being back in my life, the game on 9/2 showed some issues of having a younger team. Jesse Ertz had some coverage read problems as well as many incomplete passes. It’s only the first game, but struggling to have a clean first half could reflect on how the rest of the season may go. However, knowing how Coach Snyder operates, these silly mistakes will be fixed by next Saturday.

Both the Defensive and Offensive lines showed some weaknesses, but not enough to causes massive headaches. Our special teams, however, is a bit worrisome. Matthew McCrane, like most kickers for K-State (I’m looking at you Cantele), is already having troubles during routine kicks. You have one job… don’t suck at it. Junior Byron Pringle showed up to play during his time on the field as well as Junior DJ Reed. Honestly, these two remind me of Tyler Lockett back his time at K-State. Both the offensive and defensive lines showed up to play at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The D forced two turn overs, sacked the quarter back multiple times, and also caused interceptions while making solid plays. 

Liver Survives…For Now

Overall, I am excited for this season. I worry about Jesse Ertz, but I always worry about quarterbacks. I did not stress drink during the game except when ESPN3 decided to explode. My liver thanks you, Bill Snyder. I am so happy football is back. Tune in next week when I may or may not drunkenly describe more football events.

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