K-State Football: Becoming Elite

Dara AviAs I sit here, thinking about the K-State football season up to this point, I feel so many different emotions. This team is two games away from being in the playoff conversation. So close, yet so far away.  Stanford, West Virginia and Oklahoma. Three teams K-State could have easily beaten…but they didn’t. It’s hard to swallow. Why am I even upset? K-State is 5-3 and a win away from being bowl eligible. This is a good football team, not a great football team. Most programs would be happy to have a good football team.

As a fan, I should be happy that the Wildcats are playing a little better than expected this season. However, I always want more for the team I support. Why do we have to limit success?

I love Bill Snyder, I love K-State. Would a different coach make this football program elite? Will K-State ever be considered elite? It’s hard to think about. When you consider what Bill Snyder has done for K-State and the university, there’s not many people in the world who compare. He’s made K-State football what it is, good. So what needs to happen to get K-State football to the next level?

There are so many factors that play in to that answer. Kansas State is known for solid defense, an offense that controls the clock while rushing the ball down the field, limited mistakes and excellent special teams. To many, K-State plays safe football.

For some, it’s easy to play the blame game. On multiple different occasions this season, some would say better play calling would have made the difference in close games. So, let’s automatically assume that Dana Dimel is the reason for ALL of KSU’s weaknesses. (Insert Sarcasm). Do I think he’s part of the problem, yes. Do I think he’s the entire problem, no.

Another factor…quarterbacks. The Big 12 plays football on the ground, in nitty-gritty, grind em’ out battles. So, K-State has quarterbacks who move the ball on the ground. It makes sense. However, those same QBs would make pretty good running backs, tight ends and wide receivers.

Is there a perfect answer to this equation? Maybe, but I sure don’t have it. I’m not here to bash the program, team or coaches. I’m just trying to figure out what would K-State football would need to do to become an elite program.

KSU has a huge opportunity this weekend at home against #18 Oklahoma State. Every team in the Big 12 is beatable this season. Yes, even Oklahoma.

Here’s how I think K-State will finish out the season:

vs. Oklahoma St.- W

vs. Baylor- L

vs. KU- W

vs. TCU- W

If this happens, the Wildcats will be 8-4. It would be another successful season. Even at 7-5, it’s a successful season.

I want more than success…I want greatness.

But, I will continue to cheer for my Alma Mater. I will continue to be a fan for life, no matter the circumstance. I will always believe in K-State football. Eventually, the magic will happen…just ask the Chicago Cubs!

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