10 Pro-Tips for going to The K

 By: Chrissy Bell

1. Bring your own food!

Ballpark food can be great, and The K certainly has some amazing
options, but after a while it can get expensive. At the K you are allowed to
bring in your own food! As long as it is in a bag that is smaller than
16x16x8 inches. It also cannot be in a hard-cased cooler. I personally am a
big fan of Chipotle or Chick-Fil-a. However if you wanted to go big I would
recommend crab or lobster, or maybe even Jack Stack? Whatever your
choice this defiantly is a game-changer.

2. Hot day? Bring water.

Baseball and beer are two things that go hand in hand. However one thing
that doesn’t mix is dehydration. Bring your own water to The K and beat
the heat! You are allowed to bring in an unopened bottle of water smaller
than 1 liter to The K.

3. DD Program

Planning on not drinking at the game? The Royals salute you as your
groups DD! Across from the Rivals Sports Bar you have the chance to sign
up as your groups DD. Take the pledge and you will be entered to win
some sweet prizes.

4. Hydrate…sort of

Best drink at The K, if you are looking for a good drink at a game is the Royal-rita. These drinks are amazing for a sporting event! What can top frozen blue and white booze on a hot day? Best drink I have ever had at any stadium.

5. Autographs

Player autographs are hard to come by. But the Royals do a good job of giving you a
chance at getting one or a selfie with your favorite player! The Royals have 3 location
where you can try to get a signature. (1) occasionally players will leave the stadium
from Gate C. Right outside of the gates there is a place where you can wait to see if
anyone is leaving. (2) right outside the ramp of the garage where the players park. (3)
Close to gate D is where the visiting club’s bus leaves. Here you might have a chance
to see a visiting player.

6. Early bird access

For 12$ (ticket not included) you can get into the stadium early and watch the Royals
batting practice. In my opinion, this is your best shot at an autograph. I have not been
this year however last year Eddie was out signing balls for kids. Autographs are never
guaranteed at The K but this is probably your best shot.

7. Student night at The K

Every Wednesday home game (regular season) the royals offer 10$ outfield plaza and
view reserved tickets available at the box office for high school and college
students(Student I.D required). Along with a good deal they also offer live music along
with drink and food specials before the game by Boulevard Grill Concession.

8. Score cards

Score cards are still a thing! and they are available for 1$ at certain souvenir stands.
This is also a perfect gift idea or keepsake for special games.

9. Something for the kids!

If you wanna really raise those kiddos Royal, start them young! The K has some
amazing experiences for kids and they also are not terribly expensive! Along with their
Family Funday Sunday (run the bases after the game, face paint, and other actives), the
Royals offer a great fan experience for even the youngest of fans. Price Chopper along
with the Royals offer mini golf, batting cages, a carousel, along with a Little K for kids
to play on. Kids love it, but also if the game gets boring you can usually spot a couple
of the players kids out on the Little K. (Eskys kid was featured on Sports Illustrated’s
twitter out playing amazing ball on the Little K)

10. Where to buy tickets!

Already have enough reasons to visit The K? The last Pro-tip I have is to
buy your tickets through Tickets for Less (https://www.ticketsforless.com).
This year I have exclusively bought my tickets through them, and more
often than not I end up paying more for parking than I do for my boyfriend
and I to get in to the games! Tickets for less lets you buy tickets right up til
first pitch! Did we mention they are KC proud? Tickets for Less started in a
local Price Chopper and have now grown nationally!