Jeff Fisher: Fired AF

Jeff Fisher is officially fired.

This sentence is least surprising to anyone that has followed his career and watched as he pulls the wool over his team’s eyes season after season. Jeff Fisher, as SBNation put it best, is a Ponzi scheme. Now that we can all agree that Fisher was a sloppy mess of a coach, let’s focus on the positive outlook for good ol’ coach Fisher! The bad news? With one of the worst coaching records in NFL history, chances at Fisher being a head coach in the NFL again are slim to none. The good news? SO MUCH MORE TIME FOR ACTIVITIES!

Coach loves hiking

Sure, these tweets are old. Fisher’s love for hiking seems to be everlasting, unlike his head coaching career. I bet it was really hard to hike in St. Louis and Los Angeles offers way more hiking for former our former head coach.

Anything outdoors apparently?










The amount of time spent fishing by head coaches in the NFL has to be a pretty small number. Between the regular season, training camps, playoffs (lolol, Fisher didn’t worry about this one) and generally needing to be available at all times… Not a lot of fishing time. Since getting fired on a Monday is pretty rare in the “normal” world, Fisher should embrace it and book a fishing trip for the rest of the week.

Tending to the mustache

Tom Selleck
Hulk Hogan
Steven Adams
Enes Kanter
Jeff Fisher

Mustache greatness.

Fisher could turn this dismissal from coaching football into helping others trying to achieve facial hair greatness. There are conventions, public speaking events, meet and greets, product testing, etc. that would be PERFECT for Fisher’s all-talk-no-walk attitude. Can you imagine the pep talk to budding facial hair legends? I sure can. Motivational speaking for growing facial hair is an untapped market from my research. Make mustaches great again, Jeff Fisher!

Writing a memoir

Now who wouldn’t want to read an O.J. inspired tell all about Fisher’s time as a coach in the NFL? The book could be titled “If I Tried” and go on to detail what Fisher would have done if he had made a slight effort to be a good head coach in the NFL. Complete with admitting to basically sabotaging the Rams in two different cities and how he said all the right things in order to stop from getting fired… this would be a guaranteed bestseller for all of those trying to get paid with barely doing anything to deserve the money.

What do you think Coach should do? Send us your ideas!

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