It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

Time to start that whole rebuilding things again, huh?

With free agency not starting until 3 pm today, the Kansas City Chiefs have already shown fans that John Dorsey is making the right moves for the organization. It seems as though most of the teams throughout the NFL have thrown caution to the wind about hiding their plans with players until the official time period.

Definitely looking forward to Dwayne Bowe being cut. The man has served his time in Kansas City and his purpose and his relevance has run out. With his lack of touchdowns last year, arrest issues and apparent disregard for being in Kansas City, it is his time to move on. Since the Jeremy Maclin news hit, I have been focused on the future of our WR core and had the mentality that Bowe was already gone. For as much as he did in 2010, he hasn’t done that much since. Time to say goodbye and hope he goes somewhere with a Sonic.

I’m happy for Hudson getting paid and deserving the money, but sad that we could not keep him around. He will have quite a match up against Poe when Oakland plays the Chiefs. I would expect Dorsey to be getting the best available options for our O-Line since Hudson was our best player and now he is gone. Who are the best options available that the Chiefs can afford? Bryan Bulaga would be a great option from the Packers but he seems to be injury prone, which the Chiefs cannot afford this year. However, he is one of the best options at the moment so I would expect him to be picked up. Dan Connolly would be a great option at guard if he doesn’t go back with the Patriots and would be ready to start.

What it boils down to is what the Chiefs are going to focus on during free agency could completely change what people have been predicting for the 2015 NFL Draft. If we get our O-Line set up with quality players with experience, we could focus on drafting the best possible WR’s for a lackluster quarterback that we can’t get rid of, aka Alex Smith. I am confident in the signing of Maclin already boosting our receiving core and cannot wait for him to be an official Kansas City Chief.

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