Is This Real Life?

Short of sounding like I just woke up from a gnarly laughing gas attack, I was completely in shock when I got the call from Rabble. Our homie, Meg, had just finished telling me the news that if we could make it work, Rabble wanted us to broadcast the final game of March Madness from their studio in Chicago.

Someone needs a hug. I volunteer!

Uhhh… what? Do you have the right number? Is this a prank? Haha, a little early for April Fools’ Day!

I am a firm believer in a few things: Zubaz, Miller Lite, not skipping leg day, and working hard. When I started this concept in April 2014, there were plenty of people that didn’t want to work hard and didn’t want to be a part of something that required pushing themselves to be better. Needless to say, those people faded out pretty quickly and along came the opportunity to add females I met in college and have stayed friends since. This blog and podcast has been a main focus of mine simply because I know the potential is there, we just have to find the right audience and people to work with. As soon as I checked out Rabble, I was sold. If you hate listening to the awful announcers game after game, why not just tune into a broadcast that features actual fans, an interactive comment section and a live stream of audio that can replace the announcers? DONE! So stay tuned, soon you will be able to effortlessly stream the audio to your bluetooth devices via the RabbleTV app, making this an even more obvious choice in audio pleasure.

Rabble TV is one of the most fun and unique concepts I have come across in a long time. With a background in small business and being self employed, I enjoy working with companies one on one and having such a rewarding experience like we have had thus far with Rabble. Please go check out the website, sign up and create your own broadcast sometime! We would love to tune in and spread the word for you!

So Wiemers and I will be heading to Chicago via interstate and I will promise not to stop at EVERY White Castle along the way. We are missing Easter, but don’t worry… we rescheduled for the next Sunday so the party continues. I’m fairly certain that I will be too busy in Chicago to be bummed about missing Opening Day at the K, but I do know by the time you are home and settled in to watch the National Championship, we will be ready to Rabble with you!

PicMonkey Collage

Stay tuned on the details of this broadcast and keep up with us on Twitter by clicking here!