Huskers Tumultuous Week Still Ends in a Win

The 1-2 Huskers played Rutgers last Saturday on an ABSURDLY SWEATY DAY in Lincoln. Seriously, I was there and I can 100% confirm the sun is hot. (Hopefully you followed along on the Sprotstakes snapchat!) Nebraska won 27-17, but this was one of those “the game was a lot closer than the final score shows” games.
Most of Husker nation was surprised by the eyebrow-raising decision to fire Nebraska’s athletic director, Shawn Eichorst, last week. For the most part, it seemed like the firing injected some life and some hope into Huskers football’s future. It also put Mike Riley square on the HOT SEAT. While I’m sure he is a veteran at keeping cool under pressure (nice guy and all), he had to know the Rutgers game was a must win. My thoughts on the whole deal? I actually felt a pulse return to the dying corpse that is my love of Husker football. Stay tuned on that…
Going into the 4th quarter the score was Nebraska 21, Rutgers 17. This game was close and pretty ugly if we’re being honest. Fans literally BOO’d Tanner Lee. Lee is seriously on the strugglest of all QB struggle buses. He is an interception factory and business is booming (he’s thrown NINE through 4 games). “YOU GET AN INTERCEPTION! AND YOU GET AN INTERCEPTION!” It does not bode well for how the rest of the season will go.
Nebraska sits on top of the Big Ten West having won their first conference game. Enjoy it while it lasts IMO. The Huskers are 72nd in passing yards, 79th in rushing yards, 65th in points for and 88th in points against. Those do not inspire hope. But hey, at this point I guess a little hope is okay.
Speaking of a little hope, the Huskers are playing at Illinois this Friday. ESPN is giving Nebraska the edge at a 60% chance to win. But it’s on the road so I would make that 50/50. My pre-season prediction has this as a loss due to it being on the road and on a Friday. I am going with Nebraska ONLY if Tanner Lee doesn’t throw an interception the WHOLE GAME. No, I don’t think Illinois is a powerhouse but let’s be realistic, neither is Nebraska. TBH this is a pretty even matchup in shittiness.