Bold Prediction: Huskers Leave Columbus Victorious


wiemersWelp, it finally happened, guys. The Huskers are no longer undefeated. In a dramatic OT game in Madison, the ‘Skers could not quite pull it off. There were many missed opportunities, but when paired with Wisconsin’s stingy defense, it was very hard-going for Tommy Armstrong and the rest of the offense the entire game.

What didn’t happen during the game?

The team never folded under the pressure. Where they were outmatched, they managed to elevate their game enough to hang through 4 quarters. Is there a moral victory here? Kind of…no one gets a participation trophy after an L but damnit, after the last few years of being embarrassingly shit stomped on the regular, I felt proud of this team for proving they’re a legitimate contender. Now comes the time to be FINISHERS.

And hey, the Huskers remain in the Top Ten of the AP poll.

Deservedly so. 


So, will the Cornhuskers rebound this weekend? According to the line on this game, Nebraska is a HUGE underdog. Ohio State opened at -17. WTF, really? We’ll see if that changes as the week goes on, but for now it should serve as motivation for the Huskers this week at practice. And what do I think? Well if you read the title of this post you already know. NEBRASKA LEAVES COLUMBUS AS THE VICTOR. 


Ah, Columbus. Where you can find lovlies such as this face tattoo taxi driver guy.

Between the disrespectful line, final score predictions such as Ohio State, 40, Nebraska, 21 and about 50 oak mite bites, I literally cannot. I cannot and will not. Nebraska will win this game. If you read this and disagree – what do you want to wager? @ ME!





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