Hump Day Snapchat Question: Who is truly the GOAT?

It’s a tale as old as time, or at least since the 1984 debut of Michael Jordan in the NBA. While many thought there would never be another player to come close to Jordan’s dominance and prowess on the court, along came a kid named Lebron James.

From the beginning, Lebron was a controversial sports figure before he even entered the 2003 NBA Draft. With allegations of violating the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules, Lebron skirted past wrongdoings and garnered a slap on the wrist for any indiscretions he did have. Lebron quickly became one of the most polarizing figures in sports history with people either loving or hating him from the beginning. The hype was well deserved as Lebron has proven over the course of his fourteen year career in the NBA thus far. This year Lebron is chasing another championship title for Cleveland after coming back to win the title in a series the Cavs were down 3-1 to record-breaking Golden State.

Michael Jordan had less controversy in his early years minus the fact he didn’t even make the varsity team his sophomore year due to his height (5’11) at the time. So what did Jordan do? Jordan became the star of the JVsquad with multiple 40-point games. In true Jordan style, he left no room for excuses. He set his sight on being on the varsity squad even though his height as a sophomore was an issue. What did MJ do about that? He grew, of course. Sprouting up four inches over the summer, Jordan returned to the squad and made varsity… the rest was history. His senior year Jordan was selected to the McDonald’s All-American Team after averaging a triple-double.

Their professional careers are impressive, their legacies are secured… but we want to know who do YOU think is truly the greatest of all time?

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