How ‘Bout Those Royals!

Editor’s Note: Courtney writes for Sprots Takes weekly about college basketball and now that the season is ending, we will be talking about America’s pastime… Baseball. GO ROYALS!

I have lived in Kansas City my whole life and I don’t think I have been this excited for a Royals baseball season. A lot of it may have to do from the excitement carrying over from October. But another part of it is being out at the K and watching a sport I love. Even though we are predicted to finish second or third in our division by most, I am still very excited and hopefully the Royals can prove people wrong again. We have a lot of competition not only in the Tigers again but also the Indians and the White Sox this year. I am still optimistic and believe we will make it to the playoffs though.



If you are wondering what the necessary games are to attend this season, I will give you quite a few and let you know what is happening at all of them! The biggest promotion that has been catching national attention is the bobble heads they are giving away this year. They aren’t just your typical bobble heads.

On Saturday 4/18- The American League Championship Replica Trophy

On Saturday 5/2- Commemorative Postseason #1 is the Salvador Perez bobble head

On Saturday 6/6 – Commemorative Postseason #2 is the Lorenzo Cain bobble head

On Saturday 6/20 – Commemorative Postseason #3 is the Mike Moostakas bobble head

On Saturday 7/25- Commemorative Postseason #4 is the Yordano Ventura bobble head