Mizzou Basketball: How Are They THIS Bad?

Sarah Davis

“They’re progressing,” everyone says. “Give them time,” everyone says. “They’re really young,” everyone says. Well, teams that are “progressing” don’t get beat by 33 points AT HOME by their biggest rival. Kim Anderson’s exact words after last night’s brutal loss to Arkansas were, “I would say I’m embarrassed.” You think?

SEC play hasn’t gotten off to a great start. Missouri is 1-2 with two double digit losses at Georgia and against Arkansas. There is absolutely no excuse for losing by 30+ at home to another 8-7 basketball team. There just isn’t. Arkansas out-hustled them, out-matched them, and took them completely out of their element. Missouri’s next test will be at South Carolina. South Carolina is currently undefeated and has given the Tigers road woes; nobody should expect Missouri to actually win this game.

Yes, Missouri is a young team. It’s been said over and over and over again. They’re 12th in the nation, as far as youth goes. The Tigers have nine true freshmen and sophomores on their squad, but could be in danger of losing a good portion of them due to the team’s lack of talent. Probably the most irreplaceable player for Mizzou right now is Terrence Phillips. Phillips knows how to win, as proven by his high school career at Oak Hill Academy, but he hasn’t quite taken on a leadership role yet. That could change with more experience, which is why it’s vital to stay for a couple more seasons.

It looks so much like Missouri is progressing. There are small signs here and there of improvement, but then it just seems like they fall back into the familiar pattern that ended up giving them nine total wins last year. There’s no real passion from anyone in Columbia. You don’t see that drive or desire from Mizzou that you see from players like Perry Ellis or Buddy Hield. You don’t hear the fire in Kim Anderson’s voice and you don’t see the anger on his face like you do Bill Self or John Calipari. You can coach or teach basketball, but you can’t really coach the will to win, and none of the team has that. It was cool having a “True Son” as the head coach, but he just isn’t cutting it anymore. The “right” thing to do would be to give him two more years to at least try to let them grow, but Kim Anderson doesn’t really have that kind of time.

Nobody knew it would be this bad, but here we are. It wouldn’t be a “Sprots Jr. Article” without a killer poem, so here goes:

Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to start.

They are so bad, it hurts me in the heart.

I thought they were progressing, in the slowest of ways,

But it turns out, they can’t make simple plays.

One shot, two shots, three shots blocked,

They’re so bad, they’re always being mocked.

Kim Anderson had his chance, but it’s time to go.

Gotta bring someone new in, to help the team grow.

One step forward and about ten steps back,

The Mizzou fan base is slowly starting to crack.

Yes, we get it, they’re a really young squad.

But the talent they offer is nothing to applaud.

Just hang in there, and get another win.

Let’s hope they’re better, when the season starts again.


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