Hotties Picks Update-ALCS Edition

Howdy nerds. The girls had a mediocre week with the picks. They got more right than they got wrong – so that’s something – but certainly nothing I’d call a “great” week. A great week is flying to Vegas for a weekend and sleeping in the Bellagio fountains. THAT is a great weekend.  But I digress.   We completed Week 6 of the picks and here’s how our girls did:


  • Molls – 12/15 Correct
  • GAT – 13/15 Correct


  • Molls – 10/15
  • GAT – 10/15

This brings your season totals to:

  • Molls – 112/173 (64.7%) – Up 2%
  • GAT – 110/173 (63.6%) – Up 3%

So the race is tightening up faster than Terrence Gore.   By the way, did you catch the bonus episode of the Sprots Takes podcast this week? It featured one of the most talented Vegas insiders this side of Circus, Circus @KellyInVegas. There are also some, myself included, who might also call her attractive.  Catch the episode on SoundCloud or linked below.   If YOU would like to go head to head with our beauties of the gridiron, check out our Yahoo! Pick Em NFL Challenge. Click HERE

  • Group # 58646
  • Group Password: sprotstakes

We will have Week 7 Picks up soon!