Hotties Picks Results – Week 15

Oh sweet Lord. The Chiefs season is over. K-State’s season is over. Missouri’s season is over. Nebraska’s season is over.

Did somebody say Crab Legs?

Frankly, unless you’re Jameis Winston, you’re pretty much screwed. Well. Let’s be honest, so is Jemeis, but in that creepy sort of way.

The good news? Well, at least one of our hotties had a fantastic week. KLew is the kind of gal who you can take to Vegas, would look good on your arm, AND make you some money. She’s basically the total package. Gat and Wiemerz are… well… at least they look good on your arm.

Of note is that all my girls picked against Mr. Winston and his Florida State tribe, and they also all picked the Chiefs. So… at least they’re inconsistent in the way they treat Native American teams.

Weekly Results:

  • GAT – 5/11 College – 8/16 NFL
  • KLEW – 7/11 College – 11-16 NFL
  • WIEMERZ (Really? Adding the Z now?) – 7/11 College – 10/16 NFL

Picks will be out Thursday morning along with a new podcasts. In the meantime, check out the hotties side gig @ College Football Roundtable and catch my side gig @ The KC Post.