Hottie Picks Update – Brady Who?

How about them Chiefs??

While the girls sleep it off, I’ll update you on their picks through Week 4 of their College and NFL picks.

Neither of the girls showed much faith in Mizzou as they pulled the upset on the Old Ball Coach, but both called for the upset over Tommy Brady and the Hoodie on Monday night.

  • Gat – 19 out of 29 games correct (9/13 NFL)
  • Molly – 18 out of 29 games correct (6/13 NFL)

This brings the season series between the two girls closer as Gat pulls a game closer.

  • Gat – 69 out of 110 games correct – 62.7% Correct
  • Molls – 71 out of 110 games correct – 64.5% Correct

We record a new podcast tonight AND will have a fresh set of picks for Week 5 of the NFL season and Week 6 of the College Season. If you have questions for the Sprots Hotties – ask them HERE.

If YOU would like to go head to head with our beauties of the gridiron, check out our Yahoo! Pick Em NFL Challenge. Click HERE

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