Hosmer is Not a Unicorn

Well, Royals fans demanded to know where the Eric Hosmer of old was all through April and in May he has more than shown up. Perhaps you should have been putting your irrational Twitter rage towards someone that the Royals have locked up for forever, like Alex Gordon. Instead, you fueled the fire under KC’s biggest free agent in a long, long time. Well done.
I am one of the few THIS pleases. I can’t wait to sell Hosmer off like the prize winning racehorse he is. We will get SO much for him in return and guess what? We don’t need him. Literally anyone (ok, almost anyone—looking at you, Salvy) can play first base. Stand on bag. Catch ball. Brandon Moss showed that the other night as he made some great picks in the dirt from his fellow infielders.
In fact, Hosmer may even go as far as hurting the team defensively as he tries for balls that the second baseman has an easier vantage of and misses outs by not being at the bag. We have a well-oiled infield with Moose (who I do hope to resign), Esky, and Whit. All of who have settled into their positions and no longer have the errors a first baseman might have to compensate for like 2014 Moose’s jet fueled cannon of an arm or the lack luster underhand tosses from the endless stream of bad second basemen the Royals have trotted out over the years. Hosmer is replaceable.
Eric Hosmer is not even a traditional first baseman. First base is where you stick your big boys that don’t need the speed to fetch balls. Other notable first basemen in the league: Joey Votto, Miguel Cabrera, Freddie Freeman, Paul Goldschmidt. We have that. Stick Branden Moss there. Or Bonifacio. Or Soler (if he turns things around to make him worthy). We don’t need to shell out millions we can’t afford to get a guy that’s replaceable. I don’t care how much you love Eric Hosmer. This is a business.
Talks with Eric Hosmer and the Royals seem to be tense, at best. It sounds like the Royals tried to swoop in while Hos was down in April to make a deal happen. Hosmer’s agent, Scott Boras, is the best in the business and wasn’t having any of that. Rumors also started flying that Hosmer was looking for a 10 year deal. As a career .278 hitter. Ha.
For his part, Hosmer has been very open in talking about contract negotiations or lack thereof and seems to be pulling for KC to make him an offer he can’t refuse. While I imagine GM Dayton Moore is working overtime to make that happen, David Glass is not so keen. Especially after the Perez and Gordon deals.

After two World Series runs, we are not as stacked as we used to be and will need money where we can get it. Here’s to hoping crotchety Glass comes back to life and we sell Hosmer.

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