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I’m back at it again with the Sprots Gloss terms. Today’s word continues on the MLB theme with “hit”. A hit is recorded any time a player reaches AT LEAST first base safely. How many bases the player touches is not recorded in the hits statistic, so singles, doubles, triples and homeruns all count as one hit. As long as the player reaches first safely, he gets a hit. If he is thrown out stretching his single into a double, but is thrown out before reaching second, he still gets a hit. If he is thrown out before reaching first base, no hit.

Hit streaks are popular record markers in baseball. You probably recall Eric Hosmer stringing together some lengthy hit streaks (consecutive games where a player gets one hit or more) this year. The great Joe DiMaggio holds MLB’s longest streak at 56. As pitching has progressed to higher MPH and more finesse, hit streaks have declined. The highest “modern” streak is held by Jimmy Rollins with 38 in 2005.

MLB has created a highly addictive app called Beat the Streak where you pick one or two players every day that you think will get a hit. If they do, your streak grows, but if they don’t, you reset to 0. If you sling together 57 games to top DiMaggio, you win $5.6 Million! In 14 years, no one has won, though many have come close. Since DiMaggio had to keep his streak alive all by himself, it really makes you appreciate how much talent he had. Players in BTS get to choose ANYONE in MLB to carry their streak.

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