Here Comes Mullet


MFCEO’s Note: We are excited to start this series featuring Mike Gundy’s mullet each month with an entry from the non-existent diary of his mullet.

September 17th

5:45am Stillwater, Oklahoma

Good mornin’, Diary. Mike isn’t awake yet, but I am in knots. The stench of last week lingers on me like the smell of the bacon Kristen is cookin’. I know Mike keeps tellin’ me to look forward, but in hindsight I’m a little down about it. Untimed downs are bologna if you ask me. Anyways. We have to focus. It’s a new game day in the best stadium in the country. They’re workin’ on this “stripe BPS’ deal and there is not a visor in the closet that can contain my excitement. I wonder what we’re wearin’ today. Probably some sort of orange and black combo. He’s awake. We have a lot to discuss. We’ll do that while I soak in Pantene. I’ll update later. Gotta go to work.

Good gravy weather delays are annoyin’. It got a little hairy there for a bit. I’m not sure if it was because of the way the game was going or the weather, but I was a wreck. He kept tellin’ me to relax but it’s hard to keep up in the front when you’re fallin’ in the back. I think the almost 2 hour delay was what we needed to get ourselves together. Our angel, Mason, threw beautifully. James caught like his life depended on it. I’m not going to bore you with stats, Diary, that is beneath me. I get such a rush from being on camera. The excitement about my existence is startin’ to die down and it’s not sittin’ right with me. I was brought here for a reason and I feel that I have been what this program needed this whole time. Sure, our guys are talented, but I have become the spark. I wonder if I can talk Pete into a mullet. How many people have the app by now? The world better get ready because there is a new era of Cowboy Football on the horizon. HERE COMES MULLET!


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