Happy One Year Sprotsaversary! Year in Review Edition

Happy one year sprotsaversary to all! A year ago, to the day, lives were changed.

One year ago, I was walking across the parking lot of Talk of the Town, in a then unfamiliar part of Overland Park, to meet a then unfamiliar goddess of a woman. I almost walked right past her. Fortunately, you can’t miss purple hair. Unfortunately, she then hugged me…

One year ago, Sprots Takes had just gotten a billboard dedicated to their radio ramblings with Rabble TV. They had just signed a deal with Rabble to give the Sprots spin on Chiefs game commentary every Sunday. Sprots Takes, at the time, had 5 females on staff writing. They had also just brought on a new editor to add to their already impressive all female sports platform. This was cause for celebration.

GAT, Jessica (Madd Dog), and I met for the first time at Talk of the Town September 1, 2015. My life would never be the same after that. [Apparently Twitter only wants to let me go back to April of 2016, so I will do my best to remember all of the events this year on my own]

The month of September, itself, was packed with game commentary broadcasts, Blumapalooza, and sales events for the Sprots Takes first annual calendar benefitting the Rose Brooks Center. The Sprots Takes radio show (the morning edition) was also launched, featuring GAT and Madd Dog covering all of the current events in sports (sprots).

In October, Sprots Takes undertook their very first 24 hour radio broadcast with Rabble TV to raise EVEN MORE money for the Rose Brooks Center. If you tuned into the current Sprots Takes radio show…you know this adventure is not one to be repeated. 24 hours is a marathon, not a sprint and not at all conducive with day drinking. I’m pretty sure you can still find this shit show on the internet somewhere. God help your soul if you do.

October also brought postseason baseball back to KC which was covered with in-game commentary by many of the Sprots crew throughout the month. Sprots Takes had expanded, as well, from the starting 5 to 8 female writers posting daily content.

November was a bit of a Royals postseason and Chiefs undefeated hungover blur studded with media passes for the Royals parade and Sprotsgiving hosted by Madd Dog and company.

Fast forward to December. The Sprots Takes daily radio show had gained a dedicated following. So much so, that the crew was invited out to be on an affiliate station in Oakland, Sports Byline, with Sprots’ now bestie, Rick Tittle. GAT and Madd Dog made the trek out to the dangerous city to be on the show, catch a Chiefs-Raiders game and sit behind the glass for the Sharks-Lightning game in nearby San Jose. As GAT might say, it was lit.

Upon their return, the Sprots family celebrated Sprotsmas! The whole clan got together to ride the Booby Bus and party until the wee hours of the morning at The Outhouse. Google that one on your own time. Sprinkled somewhere in December was a cookie decorating party, but that’s not nearly as exciting as potentially getting shanked or strippers.

With the new year came new writers and the Sprots Takes family swelled to 10. Our girls were covering markets all over the Midwest and were excited to show the world what we could do. Not to be outdone by the World Champion Royals, in January, the Chiefs made their deepest playoff run in 23 years–much to the dismay of the Sprots Takes crew’s alcohol budgets.

In February, Sprots Takes headed to Oklahoma City for Sprotslahoma. This whirlwind tour of the Sooner State included local radio spots, KILLER seats to an OKC Thunder game, nights out in Bricktown, and an unfortunate trip to godawful Stillwater to watch even more awful basketball between OSU and K-State. Sprots Takes added another 2 writers to their roster. That’s 12, mathletes. Sprots Takes also had the pleasure of attending the KC Blues Rugby Banquet, arriving in style in the biggest stretch limo known to man (there’s photo proof, whether we remember it or not).

In March, Sprots Takes did nothing. Haaaaaa. Just kidding. We went to Lincoln, Nebraska! For, you guessed it, more local radio spots! This time with our good pal, Greg Smith on Gregath and Smith. Plus, an impromptu stop to see Bill Clinton because why wouldn’t you? We also got to meet our first long distance writer, Heather! Let’s just say Sprots knows how to make a first impression. Crash a rehearsal dinner and drink expensive Bourbon anyone? We also met FUTURE Sprottie, Victoria, though we didn’t know she’d join us at the time. GAT and Victoria had a high rollers weekend living the suite life for the Big 12 Tournament hosted at the Sprint Center.

Caught back up with Twitter, y’all, so this might get a little too detailed.

Somewhere in the aforementioned months, Sprots Takes joined the KC Catman, John Stoner, to help raise ungodly amounts of money for his campaign to be KC Man of the Year awarded by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This campaign kept the Sprotties jam packed with events ranging from trivia nights, to tailgates, to cornhole tournaments, and drag queen bingo. Helping John has been one of the most fun and rewarding experience for Sprots Takes. The outpouring of support from Kansas City was unreal. Unfortunately, John did not win the campaign, but we enjoyed every minute, including the fancy AF awards banquet!

April meant the Royals were back in town and so were the Sprots Takes girls…for about half a second. The Sprots Takes radio show relaunched (afternoon edition) with GAT and Megan manning the helm every day from 2-5 on spreaker.com. We also added another two writers, 14, count ‘em. Tailgates in April were aplenty as Sprots Takes celebrated on Opening Day, on Opening Day part II for the KC Catman campaign, AND late in the month for Zubazpalooza.

Mid-April, the Sprots Takes ladies went to Oakland for round two. Now, during baseball season, we returned to the Coliseum to see the Royals play the A’s as well as taking time to be touristy around Oakland and ride horses on the beach just outside of San Francisco. Normal, everyday things.

Cue another blur month: May. Sprots stayed local while the OKC Thunder pushed deep into the playoffs and my favorite NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, were well on their way to winning the Stanley Cup! GAT was also introduced to the wonderful world of eSports and Sprots Takes started their first annual Bachelorette fantasy league! May brought us MORE Sprots Takes writers. Hello, sweet 15.

This is basically a book and we are only to June. Sprots Takes travelled to Omaha for my wedding! A backyard plus unlimited Miller Lite equaled a marriage proposal, pre-dawn movie screening, beer can pyramid, and plenty of stories to haunt our children with for years and years. I went on vacation after that, so I assume the Sprots crew died while I was gone.

June was closed out spending the day at the K shooting a commercial with Trailergating and becoming instant successes as models. And because June never seems to end, GAT and Mindy went to the Big Slick Red Carpet to hang with Rob Riggle and we also went to Guns N Roses.

Sprots kicked off July with a GATio party! And also by adding another writer. 16, fam. Kevin Durant then ruined America to join the Warriors and Pokemon Go was released, so Sprots went offline to be mad, but mostly to catch a whole bunch of Pidgeys. For our revival tour, Sprots Takes went a little crazy in a span of 5 days: Midget Wrestling, weekend trip to Chicago to cover The Basketball Tournament and come back home just in time for Crown Club tickets to witness Jarrod Dyson’s one and only Grand Slam. No. Big. Deal. GAT and Sprottie number 17, Sumer, followed that up by going to see KISS with tickets directly from Gene Simmons, himself. Only to get a gun brandished at them in the parking lot. Do you, Independence, do you.

It’s August and Sprots Takes is now rolling 19 girls deep. Nineteen. Each one of who is incredibly well versed and passionate about each sport they cover. I’m impressed more every day.

In mid-August, some of the Sprotties went to Minnesota this month for the most jam packed, yet relaxing weekend of my life. We visited our sponsors, Zubaz, world headquarters in downtown Minneapolis as well as catching a Royals-Twins game at Target Field, touring the city via light rail, and making the all important trip to Mall of America. The weekend finished with a surprise invite to the Dozier family’s charity Grand Slam Dinner where we were served food and drinks by players like Trevor Plouffe and Robbie Grossman!

Last, but certainly not least, the Sprots Takes girls all got together to shoot their newest calendar. This year, we have chosen to support the First Bra Foundation in Kansas City. Seeing such a varied group of women come together to scout, prep, shoot, edit, and produce this 12 month calendar together has been one of the most inspiring things the group has done. I’m incredibly excited to reveal the final product early October!

Ok, that’s it. Well, mostly it. Add in a handful of bonfires, themed movie nights, new tattoos, golf carts, lawsuits, getting incorporated, and rooftop happy hours all over KC and that’s it. That’s all that we did this year. We will try harder in year two.

I’m exhausted.


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