Viewing Guide to the CFB Playoff Championship

Comprehensive Guide to Watching the CFB Playoff Championship

Another year, another chance for Alabama to assert dominance over the wide world of college football. Think of John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” shtick and change it to “You Can’t Beat Me” and you would have Alabama’s theme song. The Crimson Tide appears unbeatable and probably is, so we are saving you an evening of watching another Clemson/Bama national title game and letting you know what happens here instead.

Dabo Swinney says something cheesy

Here are some all time quotes from Coach Swinney, in no particular order:

Dabo asked if he’s ever considered going by his real name: “No. I didn’t even know my name was William until about the third grade.”

“I always told people growing up Alabama was the smartest state: Four A’s and a b.”

“You leave the hospital, they stamp your birth certificate Alabama or Auburn. That’s just how it is.”—Dabo Swinney on how he became Bama fan

“It’s so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem.”

Yes, Dabo. It’s the sinning that is out of control in this country. The gd sinning.

Nick Saban grumbles about title games getting in the way of recruiting

Saban outdid himself this year and said the one thing that is more Nick Saban than anything else… the national championship hype cuts into his time he could be recruiting instead. That is amazing on so many levels. Peak Nick Saban? We will see.

While Saban has built a dynasty of college football and has never lost a national championship game, that still is not good enough for the seemingly never satisfied football coach.

Clemson doesn’t win

Alabama is absolutely unstoppable this year and has proven that they belong at the top. Clemson got beat by Pitt. End of story, end of logic. Roll damn Tide.

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