SprotsGloss: Green Jacket

The green jacket. Probably one of the most iconic “trophies” of sorts in sports. What does it mean? It means the wearer has either won the Masters or is disgustingly rich and a member of Augusta National Golf Club.

The green jacket made its debut in 1937. It was started as a way to designate who was an elite member of Augusta. The idea was stolen from the Royal Liverpool Golf Club which wear red jackets. The green jackets were worn during tournaments so that members could be easily recognized by fans.

1949 was the first year a green jacket was awarded to the winner of the Masters tournament. Ever since then, the previous year’s winner presents the new champion with his green jacket (which is actually just a stock jacket from the club for the time being). If a player wins in back to back years, the Augusta National chairman has the honor of presenting the new jacket.

Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most green jackets at 6. Arnold and Palmer and Tiger Woods follow with 4 each. Woods will not be in contention for a jacket this year as he has been ruled out with injury.

You can follow the action in this year’s Masters all this weekend on CBS’s networks or masters.com. The Championship Round begins Sunday.


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