Graduation Day

Good morning, on this day we become legendary
Everything we dreamed of

The cap and gown may still be piled on your chair, or may have been collecting dust for years. Graduating from any university is such an emotional and amazing but what happens afterwards?

When I graduated from Kansas State last May, I had a very different future planned for myself. I was moving to South Dakota for graduate school, I was still dating someone I thought was the “love of my life” and I was planning on pursuing a career in marketing within either college athletics or in a pro team’s front office. All of that changed almost immediately when I crossed the Kansas border. My relationship imploded, I learned how hard it is to move to a state where you literally know no one, and I realized that my career path wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I also learned that being a fan of K-State changes quite a bit after you move that tassel on your mortar board.

My relationship with K-State sports has been a unique one. During my freshman and sophomore year, I was one of those crazy kids that would wait in line for four hours before kickoff. I would bring snacks, sunscreen, and a portable phone charger (these were the days before the clear bag policy). As soon as those gates would open, I would sprint down the stairs in hopes that I would get a front row seat to antagonize the opposing team. I would stay the whole game and cheer as loudly and proudly as possible. During my junior and senior year, I was an intern with K-State Athletics. Watching all the behind the scenes magic take place made me fall even more in love with K-State sports.

After I graduated I noticed my love shift and change a bit for K-State sports. I wasn’t at the games every Saturday. I was missing all of the ambience from the fans, the band, and oddly enough the headphones I had to wear during basketball games to hear the table. I had to start watching home games on my phone or just getting notifications from ESPN while I was working. I was less hyped about the actual game and more excited to hear about the final score. My attention span for K-State basketball became increasingly shorter and less attentive. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the feeling I get when I get to walk into Bill Snyder Family Stadium. It still feels like going to Disney World for the first time mixed with a bit of Christmas magic. That stadium has cast a magic spell on all the K-State family.

Leaving Manhattan is hard for everyone. Being away from Manhattan for a year now is mind boggling. Plans may change, relationships may end and blossom with someone completely unexpected, and you may not get those front row seats anymore. However, you are able to proudly wear purple and say “I graduated from Kansas State University”. You get to meet amazing alumni and reminisce on the good ole’ days back in Aggieville.

Welcome to the big, crazy, purple, alumni family Class of 2017. Don’t worry, we can go shotgun a beer in the parking lot now.