I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

YEPYou’re welcome everyone, for I have returned. It’s not like there was a crowd of people gathered outside my window with pitchforks demanding more fantasy football insight… But I like to think you guys missed me. That being said, I sure as hell missed the last week of football… Did the Chiefs win against the Raiders? Sure! Of course! How on EARTH could they lose?? Jeez. Silly question. So my main declaration of victory these days has come from bumping up to second place in my league even though I have to face this pesky fantasy football genius next week…

FF GeniusShe might look all sweet and innocent but she clobbered (and I do mean CLOBBERED) our reigning first place girl with something absurd like 187 points. How? How on earth did she do this? By reading up on waiver wire picks and being smart. So now I have to beat this mini-savant as well as fit into my pants after I eat Thanksgiving dinner and it is becoming a really overwhelming week for me. So maybe a win this week will be absolutely unheard of because Calvin Johnson STILL isn’t doing anything that I need him to do. Great. Grand. Wonderful. This is my “watch list” or “GTF OVER TO THE WAIVER WIRE NOW” list. Depends on your league, depends if you have savvy people constantly trolling for new hot picks.

CJ Anderson (RB Denver)- if you haven’t already picked him up, for the love of winning….DO IT NOW!!! With Hillman out for another month possibly, this guy is picking up the work and DOMINATINGGGGGGGG. So do yourself a favor and pick him up if no one else has.

LeGarrette Blount (RB New England)- back, better than ever in New England and the coaching staff’s favorite. With all the idiots that picked up Jonas Gray last week (hi!!!!) it seemed that Gray’s 44 points was a fluke thing and New England isn’t gonna put up with him being tardy for the party last Friday. Blount is destroying fools and making it look easy. So for the 3rd time this year, I’ve picked him up. Ugh.

Latavius Murray (RB Oakland)- Yeah, I know this might sting as a Chiefs fan…but McFadden sucks. McFadden sucks, Maurice Jones-Drew is old as hell and Latavius is the future. Boom. Get him.

Ummm Jarvis Landry (WR Miami) is on a lot of lists I’ve seen today, but here at Sprots Takes, GAT already told you fools to pick him up forever ago. Morons.

Ryan Tannehill (QB Miami) has also been on our list in the earlier weeks and now he is doing boss things for Miami. I recommend him with pretty cupcake like teams coming up in weeks ahead.

As always, feel free to pick up whatever defense is playing Jacksonville this week. (Indy)

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