If I did something to piss off the fantasy football gods, please tell me what I need to sacrifice.

Calvin Johnson

Victor Cruz

Darren Sproles

Giovani Bernard

All on my one team in our female-only league.
That’s two WR and two RB in one week that went out. Luckily for me, Gio the tank should be back against Indy but holy crap that is some bad luck. With Calvin Johnson not performing well since week 3, I have enlisted backups and will be trying them out this coming week. Obviously something has to happen with a majority of my team falling apart.


This week, to replace Victor Cruz, I am picking up Jarvis Landry (WR- Miami) since he had so many targets as well as a touchdown and was favored over Brian Hartline. (LOL) Hopefully since he has put up consistent and steady numbers all year that he will continue doing so now even though he has been added to my roster of doom.

In last ditch efforts in my other league, I decided to pick up Mohamed Sanu as well. AJ Green is out, Tyler Eifert is out, Marvin Jones is out. AKA the majority of Cincy’s passing targets. I think that Sanu would be a good option for WR since he is their #1 option for passing this week against Indy. I’m dropping Wes Welker and have NO IDEA WHY I PICKED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE HE IS A LEPRECHAUN OF DOOM.

Okay, not actual facts but damn near close. Get it together, leprechaun.
Okay, not actual facts but damn near close. Get it together, leprechaun.

Also picking up Antone Smith for a possible Darren Sproles replacement (until D.Sproles heals up) after his steady progression and reliability. That is what I am missing from my team. RELIABILITY. I THOUGHT LARRY LEGS FITZGERALD WAS GOING TO PROVIDE THIS FOR ME BUT NOPE NOPE NOPE!

Was your team gravely impacted by the injuries this week? Let me know if you were able to find replacements or if you are living on a prayer.



Sorry. Still in Royals celebration mode!

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