What’s up everybody? Anything changed since the last time I got some fantasy football advice out to you? Perfect, keep your lineups and move on from there. Kidding, I know this year is a disaster for a lot of fantasy owners so I will shut up.


A few things we have learned:


-Houston’s defense is not good. Sorry if you picked them up and expected anything in return.

-Kansas City’s defense will not be good until Bob Sutton is fired.

-Andy Dalton is one helluva QB to have on your team.

-Jamaal Charles is done for the season

-DeMarco Murray DOES exist

-Denver’s defense is pretty legit


None of this is news to fantasy owners, yet most of the time the “preseason” must haves don’t seem to make ALL season. This is how football goes, but seems to be lately that more and more players are dropping like flies. A few people to pick up if possible:


  1. Charcandrick West – between West & Knile Davis, these two should get most of the carries. Look for Kansas City to be forced to expand to throwing to their stellar tight end, Travis Kelce.
  2. Devonta Freeman – Obviously he was not expected to be this good, so congrats if you own him. I picked him up in a late round and he has been fantastic. If he is available, get him.
  3. Cairo Santos – The Chiefs are garbage but Cairo Santos is the highest scoring player.
  4. Mohamed Sanu – I have been his and Tyler Eifert’s biggest cheerleader this season and with his performance against Seattle, expect another solid weekend of points.
  5. Andy Dalton – Just suck it up and add him. The skills and numbers are there and I am still in shock but whatever just fucking do it.



If a player has a season ending injury and you tweet about how this affects your fantasy team… just remember NO ONE CARES. I will probably come to your house and drop kick you so please let me know 10 more times about how Jamaal Charles being injured ruins YOUR season.



*happy thoughts*