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We are brought to you today by the second week of fantasy football and a lot more insight than last week… Yay for real football being back!

Tight Ends:

Travis Kelce: If you are in a league that Travis Kelce is even available, you should question everyone and everything in said league. This is completely unacceptable to have him available after his monster performance in week one against “the best defense in football.” Okay, they have Watt and Clowney, but they don’t have the ability to cover Kelce! Really, unless you are a Greek god, there is no way you can cover Kelce.

Tyler Eifert: Raise your hand if you were stupid and had him on your bench because you also had Martellus Bennett! Okay, just me, awesome. Good to know. Pick this guy up if he’s available, with 26 pts. on Sunday, it is clear the Bengals will be using him as a prime target this year.

Gronk: Did it surprise anyone that Gronk destroyed on Thursday?

Wide Receivers:

James Jones: With Jordy Nelson out, this guy did work. Pick him up if available so you can fill a flex spot with him.

Deandre Hopkins: Once Brian Hoyer got out of the game, Hopkins was able to destroy for the Texans. With a someone difficult game against Carolina this week, Hopkins should be able to deliver against their weakened defense.

Jarvis Landry: If he isn’t already on your team, this is a great pickup for an upcoming game against Jacksonville. No more information necessary, Jacksonville is terrible and Landry will shine.



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