The fact that I am writing this post means it is time for the greatest season of all…the time of year that I barely sweat when attending sporting events, the time of year that a fireplace is needed, and a time where fantasy football exists. Boys and girls, it is FOOTBALL SEASON!

I even updated my article logo… aren’t I precious! If hastily made photoshopped things were a calling in life, I could probably be less than average at it. Anyways, ignore the lasers on my face by that fireplace… no GATs were harmed in the creation of that fireplace photo.

Who is ready to talk FF?!

I am not. I accidentally auto-drafted my first 5 picks in my one money league and tonight is the official FF draft. I am rather excited and incredibly nervous that I will fall asleep too early to complete the draft… but hey, so it goes!

Who are you going for in the first few rounds this year? I’m leaning towards Gronk & Bradford. Is that weird? Probably. I also do a week by week approach to this game when it comes to QBs and usually end up having up to 9 different QBs in any given season. I’m crazy.

I’ll be here to answer any questions, screw up your lineup for you and chat nerdy fantasy football things that DO NOT pay player’s salaries. -_-

Until next week… ๐Ÿ™‚


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