GAT’s Mock Draft: Chiefs Edition

In all fairness, you didn’t think I would be doing a mock draft for any other team, right? Jesus, that would be difficult. I would probably recommend every other team in the AFC West to Give Vince Young a chance and convince Denver that Tebow really COULD be the savior they need (again) in my own selfishness. So in all reality: Here is my mock draft for 2015. I did this last year and went into depth with every single player and it was a lot of work and I picked okay picks. I don’t think a single one ended up on the Chiefs so that was neat! Dee Ford was one of the guys I mentioned in the mock draft so I wasn’t completely wrong.

*hair flip*

But let’s face it, mock drafts are just lengthy guesses about shit that we have little to no insight about. Sure, we know WHAT a team needs from a fan’s perspective, but none of us are actually John Dorsey (except maybe this guy)so what do we really know? I know that this Kansas City Chiefs team has been struggling on O-Line,  needs help with WR touchdowns and I would like another quarterback besides Alex Smith but that is nearly impossible.

Here is my semi-educated guess below!

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NFL Draft

The Chiefs will probably be looking for the best player available in round one with an emphasis on OT and WR. I think they are going to hedge their bet on Fisher two years ago as the starting OLT by taking a tackle that competed for the RT spot this year and maybe replace Fisher if he struggles like he did last year. Peat appears to be the most ready to step in and play now, another favorite of mine is La’el Collins. Schreff is better at guard (which we should be set for at least a couple of years) than at tackle, where he tends to lunge too much.

Picks By Round:

  1. Andrus Peat of Stanford, if he drops to 18,Brandon Schreff (Iowa), or La’el Collins of LSU.
  2. Either a WR or a CB. For WR: Tyler Lockett of Kansas State could be a good fit. DGB (if available) or a safer pick with Rashad Greene (Florida State). As far as CB goes, PJ Williams (Florida State) or Byron Jones (Conn) would mesh well with our defense. If nothing else, they could use one of their extra picks to move up if there is a WR or CB they really like
  3. This is a time to go after the best athlete currently available. With that being said, a few that could be at this pick would be Bobby McCain (CB Memphis), Stephone Anthony (ILB Clemson), Max Glowinski (G West Virginia), AJ Jefferson (FS UCLA), Taiwan Jones (ILB Mich. State)
  4. With the second 3rd pick (if they don’t use it to move up in the second) look for them to get some help for Dontari Poe at NT. A few options here wold be Jordan Phillips (Oklahoma), Michael Bennett (Ohio State), Angelo Blackson (Auburn) or Grady Jarrett (Clemson).
  5. Maybe a RB, why not? A few options that would fit us well: Malcom Brown (Texas) Jay Ajayi (Boise State), Terrence Magee (LSU) or switch it up completely and add a big bodied DE Tavaris Barnes (Clemson)
  6. Thinking OL again on this pick simply because that is one of our biggest and most obvious flaws: Jamon Brown- (OT Louisville) Tyrus Thompson (OT Oklahoma) Max Garcia (C Florida)
  7. This is another prime spot to pick up more OL, DT, ILB. AJ Tarpley(ILB Stanford), Brett Boyko (OT UNLV), James Castleman (NT Oklahoma)
  8. Another solid chance to pick up a lower slotted WR or CB: Vince Mayle (WR Washington State), Cam Thomas (CB Western Kentucky) Julian Wilson (CB Oklahoma)
  9. Last pick-ups of the draft, another giant ass tight end: Westlee Tonga (TE Utah) Jesse James (TE Penn St)
  10. Last but not least: Leon Orr (DT Florida) or Martin Ifedi (DE Memphis)