Galentine’s Badass Babes: Kara Lawson

Kara Lawson is a phenomenal talent in many areas of life, which makes her pretty badass if you ask us. Between her career in broadcasting to her athletic career, Kara Lawson is an inspiration to many young women that want to work in sports media. We were lucky enough to ask her a couple questions and very happy to share them below!

1. How did you get started in sports media/ESPN?

I received a call for an audition after my rookie year in the WNBA, I was planning on going to law school, I had already taken my LSAT’s, but decided to take ESPN up on their offer.14 years later, I’m glad I did!

2. Do you have any advice for females looking to get started in the sports media business?

Be prepared to work your butt off. There are more opportunities now than there ever have been. But, it’s still, much like society, a place where you have to continually prove yourself because of your gender.

3. Being on the uprise in the sports media world, what do you feel has been the most important step in breaking through the gender bias that seems to have plagued sports media up until recently?

 The bias still exists. I focus on doing my job well by being prepared. I believe people recognize that and appreciate it. I also think being a player at the highest levels college, pro, internationally helps my credibility. Not many people have the experiences I’ve had as a player.

4. Where is your favorite place to call a college basketball game? The best atmosphere?

 Allen Fieldhouse, the history, passion, and high level of hoops make it the best!

5. During your decorated career, what would you say was your favorite moment?

 I was fortunate enough to have many great moments. Playing for Pat Summitt is right at the top of the list, she changed my life. Also, winning a gold medal wasn’t too bad either!

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