G2 vs CLG First Match of League of Legends 2016 World Championship

The opening ceremonies and first matchups for League of Legends Worlds 2016 are TONIGHT! Ahhhhhh who is excited!?! Tune into the festivities starting with the pre-show at 5pm the opening ceremony at 6, and the first match between G2 and CLG at 6:30.

In the meantime, get to know a little about the first two teams from group A that are competing tonight!


G2 Esports (G2)

G2 is a European squad that made Worlds by winning the EU Challenger Series and the EU Summer Split for their second straight EU title. G2 is a powerhouse team that was founded in 2013 by a former League of Legends star, Ocelote.

In their quest for 2016 Worlds, G2 has gone through some serious internal drama that resulted in them completely redoing their bottom lane, adding Zven and Mithy, as well as acquiring a new top laner in Expect. After this shakeup, G2 would go undefeated in the Summer Split. G2 is Europe’s number one seed.

The Team:

Expect==Top Lane

Hailing from the Korean and Chinese professional League scene, Expect was snatched up by G2 just a few short months ago. Expect plays more of a support role as a top laner, boldly being the front liner (read: meat shield) for G2’s aggressive game play.


Trick also got his start in the Korean LCK. In Korea, Trick was only a substitute jungler. In Europe, Trick is one of the most dominant players in the LCS. He is highly decorated going into Worlds with his two MVP awards from the Spring and Summer LCS competitions as well as 2 All-Pro Team awards. Watch and learn.

Perkz==Mid Lane

Perkz is an aggressive, hard hitting mid laner. Perkz has a taste for blood. In the Spring Split, Perkz took home Rookie of the Split and looks to cap his first full season with a World Cup.

Zven==Attack Damage Carry (ADC)

                Zven is young but one of the most highly regarded players in the EU circuit. In 2015, Zven debuted on the LCS scene alongside his forever bae, Mithy, though they were both originally with Origen. Zven and squad would go on to dominate the EU LCS and qualify for a 2015 Worlds bid. In 2016, however, Origen fell shy of qualifying for the Mid-Season Invitational, losing to G2. Apparently, Zven and Mithy were impressed with G2’s win as they would join the team for the Summer Split.


As the second half of one of the most feared bottom lane duo’s in the LCS, Mithy offers a fluid support style to Zven’s creatively hungry ADC. Mithy can both initiate and peel well, which paired with Zven and especially paired with G2’s aggressive mid-laner, can spell utter destruction for opponents.



Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)

CLG is the second seed in the North American LCS. CLG was one of the founding LCS squads, completely ruling the roost in the league’s infancy. CLG, however, built for immediate dominance and not for staying power, so the team’s prowess dropped off throughout the 2012-2014 seasons. They were a bit of a joke, to be honest.

This year, Americans fell back in love with their LCS darlings. Since the summer of 2015, CLG has not been left out of the finals of many of the LCS competitions, taking the championships home in the 2015 Summer Series and 2016 Spring Playoffs.

Though CLG finished in the finals at MSI (another international stage), they did not finish the year strong. The team finished 4th in both the Summer Split and Summer Playoffs so it will be interesting to see how they fare against the world’s best.

Darshan==Top Lane

Darshan is old balls. He’s been around forever. Which in eSports terms, is about 2 years. In contrast to G2’s top laner, Expect, Darshan is more of an overpowering, cocky killer type. His tactful research into his opponents makes him a dangerous, dangerous player. Exposing weakness is his forte. He can often be considered a second carry for the team.


Xmithie is another LoL veteran with 5 pro years under his belt. Since Darshan utilizes more of a kill oriented top lane, Xmithie has become the secondary support in the jungle. Xmithie is an analytical player that effectively changes his builds and skillsets to suit the current match as opposed to his natural play style. He’s a giver.

HuHi==Mid Lane

HuHi, like Trick and Expect from G2, is a Korean import (or export? I don’t know…). HuHi has been with CLG since 2015, but was relegated to second string for most of the season. HuHi is most certainly the weakest member on this powerful team, but what he lacks in skillset on the rift, he makes up for in team spirit. The Untiltable HuHi Brown…or something.


Stixxay had the same beginning as HuHi with CLG, sitting on the sidelines as a sub for most of his first year. Stixxay is a big time playmaker. In only his second year, he has already garnered the respect of the League of Legends elite. Stixxay is one the “faces” of CLG as his aggressive dives and risky plays with big payoffs are world renowned.


Ahromoo is legendary. It’s annoying that we have to say his stupid name so much because he is one of the best players in the game. This kid is a playmaker from the gods. His intuition for knowing his opponent’s position and strategies is unparalleled. He is also the unofficial captain of the team, calling the plays and calming his team down as he leads them to victory. This is a player you will know by the end of this series (if you don’t already and you really should).

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