Mahomes: The Future of Kansas City


The Kansas City Chiefs are officially in training camp. This means horrible weather, sleeping in dorms and public practices. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to be talking about practice like everyone else. There is a wind of much needed change in Kansas City at the quarterback position, courtesy of our former GM and the rest of the front office. The Chiefs made a decision that thrust them into the spotlight by drafting Patrick Mahomes. Momentous because he is the first quarterback picked in the first round by the Chiefs in decades. While some may be clinging onto the hopes that Alex Smith is going to evolve into a different quarterback, the rest of us are looking into the future with Mahomes.


Carrying a team is nothing new to the young quarterback out of Texas Tech. Mahomes’ college career was nothing short of spectacular. Mahomes bound onto the radar with his rocket arm and incredible precision. Imagine what could happen with the coaching available to him with the Chiefs (yes, even Michael Vick) and targets like Travis Kelce, Maclin, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill and more.

With so many advantages in Mahomes’ favor, what about the rest of the bench? Tyler Bray has seen plenty of action at camp and Alex Smith is still showing signs of competence (it is just practice, after all). There is plenty of buzz around who will be Smith’s official backup at the start of the season. For most Chiefs fans, the Smith era seems to be fizzling out the more and more we see from Mahomes. Can you blame them? Big contracts and guys named Alex don’t seem to work well in Kansas City right now.

I want to win a playoff game at home. I want to win a Super Bowl. As fans, we all want that moment for our team and our devoted fan base. Will Alex Smith be the one to get us there? Probably not.

The future is bright. The future is Patrick Mahomes.


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