Do you think John Dorsey is a T.I. fan? Looks like our GM is all about the bad bitches and doesn’t want any mediocre.

Short of making this an entire post about John Dorsey being a bad ass and filling it with rap lyrics, I’d like to focus on things we know:

Shoutout to Tamba Hali for taking a pay cut to remain with KC, you the real MVP.

1) Chiefs Signed Tyvon Branch

Not only do we have a need for Tyvon Branch, we have a need for veteran leadership as well. Tyvon played for the dumpster fire of a team in Oakland and he did pretty well. He was a starting strong safety in Oakland and did a steady job over the six years he was there. The Chiefs are in need of a veteran safety to pick up where Berry will definitely be missed. With Branch’s background in track as well, his speed could help us as an all around defensive back.

2) Ron Parker is good.

Sucks that RP is heading out into the world of free agency because the Chiefs could really use his play making ability and quick thinking this coming year. I wrote about Ron Parker a while back since he went to a college basically known for getting it’s ass kicked in sports.

From my post on Arrowhead Pride:

What happened at Buffalo that renewed my faith? Ron Parker.

Ron Parker had a lackluster career before coming to the Chiefs, which is usually the other way around, and came from Newberry College. When I googled Newberry College, the “100 point game” article popped up. Right off the bat, being known for a history making defeat in basketball was not a good sign. Without going into further detail, Newberry College is not exactly a puppy mill of NFL draft picks.

Ron Parker was signed as an undrafted free agent with Seattle in 2011, left, came back and was released by Seattle again in 2013. Not a long time span to have bounced around to Oakland and Carolina in between stints at Seattle. Chiefs picked him off waivers in 2013, and I am very glad that they did. Ron Parker had a career game against Buffalo in the fact that he got our attention as Kansas City fans. He solidified his spot with Kansas City’s defense by stopping the superstar Sammy Watkins. Parker also decided to break off of covering Watkins and go tomahawk chop the ball out of Bryce Brown‘s hands. Then Parker saved the day for Kansas City fans everywhere with denying Orton to throw a complete pass for a touchdown. Not once, not twice, but three different times.

Yep. Ron Parker could stick around and I would be totally okay with it. Keep RP in KC, plz. I know he’s getting attention from basically every other team in the NFL right now and money wise he could be getting way more to leave… but damn. I feel like Kansas City cultivated his talent last season even though he had bounced around a little bit in his earlier years. #RPINKC, get it started

3) It’s almost noon and there hasn’t been an announcement about Maclin

So naturally I’m freaking out and having flashbacks to Emmanuel Sanders. (still salty)


But really…




Knile Davis


I’m already drooling.

Here’s to a great start of free agency for the Chiefs! Stay tuned for my annual draft preview that is updated for our free agency moves.