SprotsGloss: Flagrant Fouls

Flagrant fouls are called when a player is deemed to have made excessive or unnecessary contact with an opponent.

Simpler terms: flagrant fouls are a bigger penalty for being a twat.

All Flagrant fouls are reviewed via instant replay. They are, however, subjective and up to the referee’s discretion.

There are two classes of flagrant fouls. Flagrant 1 is the milder call. This call is more for unnecessary contact like tripping, shoulder checking or two hand pushing. The penalty for Flagrant 1 is two free throws and the offended player’s team retains possession. If two Flagrant 1’s are committed, the player is ejected.

Flagrant 2’s are awarded for being a real douche and trying to injure a player. These would be when a player makes intentional head contact, shoves an airborne opponent, or severely elbows (especially the head area). Picture: whenever Andre Drummond or Grayson Allen is on the court. The penalty for Flagrant 2’s is an automatic ejection and a fine. Suspensions can also be given.

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