Sprots Takes joins ESPN Kansas City

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The month of March is known throughout history as a pivotal month of change.

From the Ides of March to the first days of Spring… March has always been symbolic as a month of significant transformation and renewal. This year, you might have seen #WomensHistoryMonth on social media celebrating the women throughout the years making history in all areas of life. Today, Sprots Takes is happy to announce our own monumental contribution for women and in sports radio here in Kansas City.

Join Sprots Takes at 3:00 PM on March 9th as we make history as the first ever sports talk show in Kansas City hosted by women, airing only on ESPN Kansas City. The show will be every Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00 PM and will feature coverage of Kansas City sports as well as sports news from across the nation. We are incredibly excited to team up with the well established brand of ESPN Kansas City to bring you this groundbreaking show each week.

The Sprots Takes women have an incredible group of dedicated listeners and a platform like ESPN Kansas City just means more to come from all of us! From our work in the community to raise awareness for various women’s causes to our fun-filled events, expect a lot more activity in the women of Sprots Takes. We have teamed up with some of the best businesses around the Kansas City area and look forward to the show starting up Thursday, March 9th.

Want in on the excitement? We’d love to have your brand or company join us in bringing the first female voices of sports radio to Kansas City! For more information, feel free to contact me below.

Cheers to celebrating Women’s History Month by helping women make their mark in the city that we love with the people we love.


Gracey “GAT” Terrill

Founder, SprotsTakes.com



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