ICYMI: But Did You Die? on ESPN Kansas City

But did you die?

This is a question you might have heard from a night out with your friends. Also a common response to whining/complaining/ranting about anything from tiny inconveniences to major issues people have. Weaving this question into parenting is brilliant and easily something our parents have said to us at least once before. As the fifth book in the I Just Want To Pee Alone series, Jen Mann and her group of hilarious writers do not disappoint with this entertaining book about parenting. In fact, once I was done reading this, I immediately went and checked out the other books from the series and had to get more!

I had so much fun yesterday with the LOL worthy crew from But Did You Die?: Setting the Parenting Bar Low. Jen Mann, Jorrie Varney and Julie Barton provided insight into being a mom in modern times as well as parenting in general. We discussed the best and worst advice they’d ever received and some of their most embarrassing moments as parents as well. After reading the book for myself, I was incredibly excited to have these ladies on to talk about their book simply because each story I read was honest and open about the highs and lows of parenting. Check out the interview and then check below for all of their giggle inducing social media pages! Follow them all, you won’t regret it. 
Listen to “6.15.17 Episode 14 on ESPN Kansas City” on Spreaker.

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Jorrie Varney

Jorrie’s blog, Close to Classy, can be found here! Just click her gorgeous face and check it out!


Julie Burton

Julie Burton of Bug Bytes and newly published in But Did You Die? Check out her blog by clicking the photo!

Jen Mann


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