Deep Thoughts: Why it’s okay to be a bitch

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Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.


I’m only 34% sure that Gandhi actually said that, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a great quote that supports my argument. What exactly is my argument? I’ll get to that in a minute. There are times in life that you have two options: face adversity with a smile and a plan OR whine about how everyone else is out to get you. We all know which one JJ Watt is, regardless of his gross misinterpretation of the word “adversity.”


See? You can’t make everyone  happy. Back to facing problems in life with a smile…

We are halfway through the football season and I have done nothing but complain about being busy. This is obnoxious and I am aware of just how annoying it is listening to someone complain about being able to do something they love. It’s not cute and I am no longer going to complain. I remember a time before working in sports media that I was incredibly envious of the glamorous trips people took, the access to the best sporting events and being able to work in a dream job for so many. Fast forward to now and here I am complaining about the hectic life that comes with being part of the wide world of sports. No more complaints, I had a halftime adjustment of attitude and will do better from here on out.

Not everyone gets that halftime adjustment in life, some will continue being pissy and think the world is out to get them every single time something doesn’t go their way. Are you one of these people? Always seem to have bad things happen to you and just can’t get ahead? Short of telling you to get it the hell together, I’ll just let you know how I overcame this “woe is me” attitude and started fixing problems instead of complaining about them.

Just like Gandhi* said, sometimes you just have to be a bitch to get things done

Bad news: you will never make everyone happy.

Good news: you CAN make yourself happy, which is much better.

Whenever I hear the word “bitch” being used to describe someone I immediately think they aren’t afraid to say what they mean and get things done. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been called this term so much that it no longer has any effect on me. Who knows, either way I am tired of people using uninventive terms like “bitch” to lazily describe someone they don’t enjoy. The word “bitch” has negative connotations simply because some people use it as an insult. Thankfully we live in 2016 and have terms like “boss bitch” and “bad bitch” have helped shape the word into something positive and desirable, which is #neat. I, for one, have yet to be offended by words that people use to describe me.

Be more descriptive with your insults and stop using the word “bitch” like it is an all inclusive term for a terrible person. I’ve met a lot of bad people and they are the furthest thing from being a “bitch,” they are usually just a terrible person to be around. Here are some better terms:

  • Self-centered
    Rampant cesspool of sadness

The reason we need to be better about insults? It encourages using your imagination to perfectly describe someone instead of using an overplayed go-to favorite. Bitches get shit done. Whiny and miserable people just complain until someone else fixes it for them.

Chase goals, not people

I can’t stress this enough. If you are batshit crazy and think projecting your issues on someone else is going to fix your problems, you are wrong. Unless that person is a therapist. They could probably help. Being emotionally and mentally unstable is a common trait in your 20s. In fact, it’s more rare to meet someone with their shit completely together before they are 30. So why do so many people think being in a relationship is going to help them be happy? Why do so many people stay in shitty situations just because they think that is the way they should be treated? Hell if I know, I see it happen every damn day.

You know what you will never look back and regret? Accomplishing your dreams. Reaching a goal you have been trying to accomplish is an incredibly satisfying thing. I have yet to look back on an accomplishment of mine and feel regret. Don’t think I’m in the clear on this one, I have plenty of relationships that I look back on with regret and embarrassment. I stopped chasing after people who didn’t want to be part of my life a few years ago and it has been a very nice change of pace. I even gave up completely on the Chiefs last year and wrote them a letter about how mad I was at them and moved on… guess what happened? They went on a ten game winning streak and won a playoff game. See, it worked. I stopped projecting my anger with them on everyone around me and watched as I became happy and they started doing better. It was a brilliant success.

If it doesn’t make you money or make you happy, why bother?

Seriously. Why?

There you have it. Secrets to getting things done and cutting the excuses from your life. If you don’t like something in your life, change it. Complaining about all the bad things in your life will drive everyone around you insane and cause you to become bitter. Being bitter is great if you want to push people away, constantly be unhappy and glare at those that are happy with resentment. While that might be fun for a day or two, it will eventually ruin you. Own your mistakes, stop blaming others for your problems and things will start to improve. Find your passion in life and chase it. Maybe don’t go quite as hard as JJ Watt, sleeping in your workplace is a little weird (even if you work in a football stadium) and no one really needs to be THAT dedicated.

People may accuse you of being selfish. People might accuse you of changing too much and they aren’t comfortable with that change. People might say you’ve become a different person. People might say you have turned into a bitch. Putting your happiness as a priority is never a bad thing, always remember that happy bitches get shit done.


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