Dear #KStateMBB…

Dear K-State Basketball,

The refs of the Big 12 suck. Plain and simple. Everyone, including Mr. High and Mighty

himself, Bill Self, will admit that play should have been called. This team finally looks like it

has the potential for greatness and have many young players with the potential to dominate

the conference. But, instead of sulking over the loss, let’s get excited about the rest of this

season after that game. Looking past that ending shot, let’s talk about how you played.

Dean Wade, where did you come from? I mean, I know last season you showed a lot of

potential, but I’m impressed with the growth from your freshman to sophomore year. Let’s

not reflect on the final shot, but on your overall game. Shooting 50% is decent, however, you

were great from the line, which is something K-State has struggled with in past years. Keep

improving but please get your three pointers in. D.J. Johnson, please always be amazing

and don’t let those dumb calls phase you. You are killing the season with blocks and are

consistently amazing on defense. Keep that up. Wesley, you truly are a reminder of what our

basketball team used to be. To the younger  members of the team, remember you are

part of a team that may not get the credit it deserves. K-State has the components to be a

contender for the Big 12 title this season. Statistically, we are third in the conference on

defense, holding opponents to only 61.0 points on average and fifth in the conference on

free throw percentage. So you aren’t the bottom of the barrel, but you do have the room to

improve, as well.


Boys, don’t give up hope. You lost, but you competed. My father, who is a diehard KU fan,

even admitted that you played with more heart and confidence. Don’t forget that Bill Self

says that he never takes playing you, K-State, lightly. This game was not a moral victory but

can serve as a lesson in what you have to improve on in order to succeed. Also, remember

the big purple family is behind you every step of the game. We don’t walk to those games,

we run.


With love,


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