Craigslist Missed Connections: KC Edition


Besides concerts and Comic-Con, only sports can bring thousands of passionate, albeit smelly people together to a cramped area. When you’re single (or not, whatever) and your adrenaline is rushing, you may find yourself linking eyes with a certain someone down the row. However, you obviously don’t want to miss the next Alex Smith sack to go chat up this person. What’s a KC sports fan to do?

Obviously, you head to Craigslist.

If you’re unaware, Craigslist provides more than just an opportunity to get rid of your old couch you did the dirty on every Saturday night in college. It allows for even MORE creepy opportunities on a thread called “missed connections.” On missed connections, you can make a post searching for your one true love who you just quite didn’t get locked down the first time around.

Kansas City has some gems, but a good portion of these posts involve sports. Therefore, I did some investigating and present to you, the Best of KC Craigslist: Sprots Edition.

Kauffman Style:


Hey girl! You were there with a date, maybe even in a committed relationship, but you were definitely checking me out! I’m probably not conceited AT ALL. Hit me up, ’cause I’m awesome. 


We were with our significant others, but screw that chick. We were too busy making “g” the entire game. (What is G? Is it some hip new term I don’t know about?). But hey, pretty brunette, there was “4 of you and 2 of me.” I think? I would love to chat with you. Maybe?


I’m not even sure I have snark for this because the snark came included.  If you went to a Royals game, wore a Royals shirt, and are hot, THIS MAY BE YOU! Get it! Especially if you’re a fan of The Princess Bride?

Arrowhead Style:

12092508_10156064230705542_1513146999_nA brunette, grey shirt, caught a creepy guy staring at her. That narrows it down to almost everyone.

ChiefsCraigslistEye fucking. EYE FUCKING. It’s a shame they couldn’t have gone to the bathroom and done the actual deed, but ya know, a public stadium and all. I hear the port-a-potties in the parking lot may be a good option next time.


craigslistwarningNot a missed connection, I know. However, I had to show the originality of this post. CHOKERS, HA, ORIGINAL. But, hey, don’t say you didn’t heed the warning of the random person (Philadelphian?) on Craigslist. To be fair, the Chiefs haven’t only choked in the big games-it’s been in all of them. Including Chicago. Neat.


Seems legit. Thanks for the addition facts, bro. 0+0=no. Also, you can post on Craigslist asking for pictures of boobs, but you can’t type the word “fuck?”

Sporting Style:


This isn’t even creepy, just unbelievably geeky. May they find each other and live in sports and geekiness bliss, forever.

KU Style:kucraigslistI’m neither a KU fan nor a Mizzou fan, however, this is beautiful.  I mean, I’m not quite sure why these Missouri fans are there in the first place, but still. Props to the Tigers fans.