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And then there was one…


Talk shit, get trampled.

And then there was one… Last night West Virginia couldn’t do anything. Kentucky completely shut them down and killed another Big 12 team. Everyone, well mostly everyone thinks Kentucky is going to win it all. So that doesn’t make my job of writing about the tournament very exciting, sorry. But after watching Kentucky play last night who wouldn’t pick them? My predictions for the rest of the tournament may be different than others though.


We have determined part of the Elite 8 last night. It will be Notre Dame vs. Kentucky and Wisconsin vs. Arizona. These two games will be on March 28th. Wisconsin didn’t play very well last night against North Carolina so I could see Arizona beating Wisconsin on Saturday. Kentucky plays Notre Dame and will win if they played the way they did on Thursday. Notre Dame is a shooting team but hasn’t really been impressive on the Defensive side. Arizona will probably be the first team in the tournament to give Kentucky a game in the Final Four.


Tonight at 6:15 Gonzaga and UCLA play. In my opinion UCLA shouldn’t be playing in this game. But that’s neither here nor there. UCLA is going to lose to Gonzaga tonight. Louisville and NC State play at 6:37. I would like to see NC State beat Louisville again like they did on Valentine’s Day. I have a feeling Louisville will be ready for them this time and come out with a victory. Duke and Utah play at 8:45. Both of these teams have played well in the tournament but I think Coach K (the Duke one) has more experience in these kind of games and will win tonight. Michigan State and Oklahoma play at 9:07. I really want to see Oklahoma win this game. Michigan State is a really good team in the tournament, they have made 4 straight sweet sixteen appearances. So it might not happen, but for the Big 12 it would look good.

Gonzaga and Duke will play on March 29th and Louisville and OU will battle it out in the Elite 8. I think Gonzaga and Louisville will play in the final four and Gonzaga and Kentucky will be in the final.