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Most people this basketball season have said the Big 12 conference is the best in the country. Yesterday, the first day of the tournament you would think otherwise. Three teams in the Big 12 conference lost yesterday. Iowa State and Baylor were both #3 seeds and were not supposed to lose. All of these teams just couldn’t find a way to win. The Iowa State game was close most of the game and UAB hit a shot and won by one. Iowa State was great at coming back the whole season but came up short when they had to win in a close game. Baylor was ahead the whole game and lost it in the final three minutes to Georgia State. The Texas game was also close, but again they couldn’t pull it out in the end.

This doesn’t make the Big 12 look very good. The season seemed to be going strong for most of the teams but when it mattered the most they couldn’t win. It makes you wonder if the Big 12 is as strong as people think. We will see how the other four teams compared to the first three.

KU plays today at 11:45 against New Mexico State. No one is really talking about this game because everyone is anticipating them to win at Wichita State to win which would place them in a head to head matchup on Sunday. West Virginia plays at 1:10 against Buffalo. West Virginia should win this game, but then again who knows. This tournament has already been Madness. Oklahoma State plays at 5:50 against Oregon. This game should be close an exciting #8 vs. #9. We will see what Oklahoma State team shows up and if Forte shows up and hits threes. Oklahoma plays at 6:27 against Albany. Oklahoma should win this. Albany hit a last second shot to win their tournament to advance to the NCAA Tournament.

I am looking forward to a weekend full of basketball. I hope nothing for the best for all the Big 12 teams. Hopefully they can make a more positive impact these next couple of weeks for our conference. GO BIG 12!! Not to be confused with Go Big Red… J

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