Court’s Kickoff


Saturday wasn’t the best day for the University of Kansas Jayhawks. This was one game that Kansas had a good chance of winning-since their coach (along with some of their best players) is currently suspended. Right before the game, KU released a statement saying Cozart would not be starting at quarterback due to flu-like symptoms. De’ondre Ford stepped in to take Cozart’s place, but never looked entirely comfortable. A lot of that had to do with the offensive line not doing a very good job. The O-line routinely left blitzing linebackers and safeties untouched.

In the second half, Ford got hurt, so the Jayhawks put Cozart in. Cozart looked more comfortable than Ford and went 13/18 for 193 yards. Cozart showed some positive signs in the game, hopefully it can carry over to Big 12 play that starts this weekend.

The defensive line wasn’t much better than the offensive side. Ben Goodman is a machine; he had seven tackles, including one quarterback hurry and tackle for a loss. It was difficult to find anymore postive highlights from other parts of the defense, which was generally swallowed by the Rutgers’ offensive line. While the corner-backs deserve a lot of the criticism they receive, the interior defense doesn’t get enough backlash for the Jayhawks’ struggles in defending the pass. The D provides little to no pressure or havoc in the backfield.  Kansas couldn’t pull it out against Rutgers and they lost 14 to 27.

This week is another winnable game for the Jayhawks. Last year, they beat Iowa State 34-14 in Lawrence. While Iowa State has only won one game this season, the Jayhawks have lost thirty-one straight games on the road. I have a feeling the Jayhawks could break that streak this weekend and beat an offensive team that is run by KU’s previous head coach.