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Editor’s Note: This is Court’s new weekly baseball feature- enjoy!


The day started out with a ring ceremony and a pennant flag being raised by a season ticket holder, and it ended in a 10-1 Royals victory. The Royals have now started the season of defending their American League pennant. How do you think they will fair? The Royals had a very impressive Opening Day. Every team has off games, but hopefully the Royals will not have droughts like they have in the past.

The new White Sox team was supposed to be impressive. It could be that they still haven’t clicked with each other yet, but I hope that’s not the case. Everyone hope is that the Royals just played that well and blew the new White Sox out of the water. Jeff Samardzija walked three batters and plunked two more over six innings, with only one strikeout and one home-run. Cain knew that he hit him on purpose after to Moustakas home-run, but instead of going after him he said “beating him the way we did today, it definitely makes up for that.”

Last year Moustakas went 0-21 at the start of the year. This year started out a little different for him. On Monday Moustakas has two hits, one being a home-run. Those hits were across the field, which he struggled with last year. This year he practiced hitting a lot across the field in spring training and you can already tell its paying off for him.

Another person who impressed me on Monday was Alex Rios. Rios went 3-4 with a 3 run home-run and a stolen base. Rios had a few injuries last season which caused him to have low runs and steals numbers. I feel that if Rios can stay healthy then he will be a huge aspect to the Royals.

Kendrys Morales will also do great things for the Royals as long as he is patient. A lot of people are very impressed with how patient he was on Monday. Kendrys was 1-2 at the plate with 3 walks and 2 runs scored. The 1-0 Royals who were last in Major League Baseball hitting 95 home-runs weren’t missing the power hitting on Opening Day. As long as we can win one more game this year, then we will be okay.



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