Court’s Curve

Court's Curve

If you have been a Royals fan longer than last year you have probably heard Cardinals fans claim they are the best fans in baseball. Despite being ridiculously full of themselves, there were a few points that I thought could apply to ANY team. I looked up why they have this crazy idea and here are a few things that I found.

  • They cheer opposing players when they make great plays.

It is interesting to see why they think they are the best fans in baseball. I kept thinking to myself, well I guess it’s nice of them to not boo opposing players when they make great plays. In my opinion I think every team’s fans do that.


  • The love their players even when they leave

When they say they love their players even when they leave….well just look at the Royals this season. Billy Butler came back and not only did he get cheers every day the A’s were in town, but the Royals made sure to give him his own special ring presentation. Kansas City will always love Billy and cheer for him when he comes back. And can we talk about how St. Louis treats Pujols?


  • They always come out to games

It is very convenient for them to go to games because their stadium is downtown where everything is. They also have public transportation to get to the stadiums because there really isn’t any parking down there. While the K has huge parking lots and the fans come out hours before to tailgate and cook the best BBQ in Missouri.


  • The travel well as any fan base in the country

They have bandwagon fans so of course it looks like they “travel.”



As everyone knows the Royals made the playoffs for the first time since 1985 last year. The Royal are on a roll this year and fans are coming out in hoards. I am not sure if this many fans would have stuck around with any other teams in baseball. We have suffered the lows so now it’s time to enjoy the highs. We cheer loud, come out hours early and make sure the players know that we will stick with them no matter what. True fans till the end and we don’t have to rub it in anyone’s faces.


Go Royals!