Court’s Curve

Court's Curve

The Royals haven’t lost a series or lost three games since last year. Everything seems to be clicking for them right now and it’s pretty amazing seeing where this team has accomplished the past year. Last year at the end of April the Royals were 14-13, lost a few series and lost three games in a row. I know it’s still early so it may not be saying much, but at least it is a little bit of an improvement.

Last night was a little rough. Escobar got hit, which makes 20 Royals batters this season. That’s way too many this early in the season. It feels like all of baseball is out to get the Royals and hitting the batters is the only way they know how to slow them down. I know I am not the only person that is sick of it. I hope this will stop soon, before another Royals player gets hurt by a wild pitch.

This season the sixth inning has not been good for the Royals. Including Wednesday night, the Royals have allowed 18 runs over the last 4 games, 11 of these runs have come in the sixth inning. That inning could kill us later on in the season. I feel like last year our starters were good till the seventh inning, and then our closers came in. This year the Royals starters haven’t been solid. Let’s hope that changes.

Everyone needs to be at the K this weekend!

On Friday GAT and Wiemers will be out at Zubazpalooza, tailgating right next to the Zubaz bus.

I wish I could be there, working sucks. Sorry guys! If you can’t make it to the game go to the after party at Quinton’s in Waldo. There will be beer and 360 vodka specials. I will be at the K Saturday for the Salvy bobble head.


So if you are at the K one of the two nights be sure to say hi, and as always GO ROYALS!!