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Court's Curve

The game started out like a normal game. Morales drove in Moose and Cain at the top of the first inning putting the Royals up 2-0. The White Sox warmed up in the bottom of the fourth inning and hit one run in. Then Sale hit Moose in the jaw on the top of the fifth. Not really sure why the Royals got warned when that happened, but oh well. Then in the bottom of the seventh inning craziness ensued.

With two outs, outfielder Adam Eaton hit a come-backer to Ventura and said something as he was running to first. So Ventura said something back. The dugout cleared and punches were thrown. Jeff Samardzija (who is still bitter about the Wildcard game) went after Cain, because hitting him on Opening Day wasn’t enough. Five players were ejected. White Sox lost Samardzija and Sale and the Royals lost Ventura, Cain and Volquez.

This was Ventura’s second straight game being ejected so he may be suspended 5 or 10 games. If he is suspended he will only miss one or two starts. Speculation is that Cain may not miss any games but Volquez will probably miss a few since he threw a punch at Samardzija. Out of all this I feel the worst for Mike Jirschele, our third base coach, when he got hit after Samardzija charged at Cain and missed.

The rest of the series is up in the air and Volquez is supposed to pitch on Saturday. I highly doubt the MLB announces anything suspension wise until Monday so he will be playing. Duffy starts tonight, hopefully he will get off to a better start then he did against the A’s on Sunday. Volquez has been better this season than Danks, so hopefully the Royals bats will stay hot and we can win these next two games. Game 4 features two pitchers in Vargas and Noesi who could badly use a win as they have both gotten off to slow starts and it is showing.


Prediction: Royals will win the series 3-1.


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