Court’s Curve

Courtney couldn’t write Court’s Curve this week, so you get Megan’s…Money Pitch? It’s a working title. It’s not like any of you care anyway because the Kansas City Royals clinched the AL Central Division title for the first time EVER on Thursday! Welcome to meaningless baseball, sort of.

A few house cleaning things you need to know: Kansas City won the series versus the Indians 2-1. In this series Omar Infante had a seven RBI night, which is unfortunately only slightly impressive to us Royals fans who just watched Moose have a 9 RBI day the week before. So it goes. The following game, Infante would get injured with a Grade 1 Oblique Strain. He will be out a guaranteed 2-3 weeks, but it is unknown when (or if) he will return the KC lineup this year.

The Royals lost the following series to the Tigers, 1-2, but it was well fought. It’s still weird to feel superior to the Tigers after the seemingly endless amount of time that Detroit had been dominant at baseball activities. KC won their next series versus the Mariners, 2-1. The Royals had to scratch and fight their way through the series with Seattle, but who really remembers that when the result was a division championship? No one. Hopefully.

As I’ve managed to mention in just about every paragraph, the Royals are the American League Central Division Champs. They clinched this title Thursday night after the Twins lost to Cleveland and Johnny Cueto shimmied his way to a win over Seattle.

Cue champagne party. If you missed the celebration, here’s the highlights:

Everyone got soaked in beer, even the Royals Brass


Royals owner, David Glass, reminded everyone that “Losing is for losers”

Danny wore his infamous bear suit


…then Joel did


The drinking and debauchery of Thirsty Thursday led to Friday’s lineup of all minor league players, as the big boys nursed their hangovers. Hey, we still got to raise the flag.


I mentioned in the opening that we are now in meaningless baseball time, which is not necessarily true. KC is still in the hunt for home field advantage over the Toronto Blue Jays. The Royals magic number is 9…there are only 9 games left in the season. The Royals will need to be as close to perfect as possible because Toronto sure likes to win lately. The Royals continue their 3 game series with the Indians tonight, then head to Chicago to play the Cubs in a make-up game on Monday.