Court’s Curve

Court's Curve

On Monday the Royals opened a four game series against the Baltimore Orioles. Chris Medlen started the game for the Royals. Medlen only allowed five hits in six innings. Even though one of the hits was a two run homerun in the first he still struck out six batters without a walk. The Royals scored all seven of their six inning runs with two outs. Hosmer hit a double with one out, Morales hit into a ground out then Moose hit his 14th homerun and tied the game at three. Perez followed by hitting a single before Rios doubled and set it up for Infante to get an in the park homerun off of an error. The Royals won 3-8.
On Tuesday a win was a little more difficult for the Royals. Danny Duffy pitched for an ok 5 2/3 innings. He allowed two runs on five hits, two walks and five strikeouts. He looked good at the beginning of the game, but by the sixth the Orioles looked like they were going to pull ahead. Morales has really come up big for the Royals this season, as he hit another homerun on Tuesday and the Royals won 3-2.
Wednesday was a different story. The game most people thought the Royals would win, didn’t happen. The Royals were up 2-0 but Cueto gave up three two-run home runs. The Royals bats couldn’t find an answer and the Royals lost 8-5.
On Thursday after the rain delay it took the Royals a little while to get hot. This was fine for the Royals because Ventura was pitching one of his best games of the year and held the Orioles scoreless.Ventura had a record of eleven strike outs. Herrera gave up a homerun in the eighth and Holland gave up two hits in the ninth. This worries me for the postseason, but the Royals were ahead enough in this game that it didn’t matter. The Royals won 5-3.
The Royals head to Tampa Bay for a short weekend series. Volquez starts tonight and is coming off his worst start as a Royal. Hopefully that will change tonight. On Saturday Kris Medlen will make his second career start as a Royal. If he can pitch like he did on Monday the Royals will be fine and should win on Saturday. On Sunday Duffy is pitching. The Royals are facing pitchers that they should be able to beat. The Rays catcher is hurt, so that will make a difference too. The Royals should sweep the Rays and come back to the K ready to face Detroit.