Court’s Corner

Court's Corner

Growing up people always ask you what you want to be when you grow up. My answer up until High School was a professional soccer player. I started playing soccer at a very young age and stayed with the same team the whole time I played. I made some of my very best friends through soccer and wouldn’t trade the experience I gained for the world. I remember 1999 like it was yesterday. That team was absolutely incredible with Hamm,Akers, Chastain and Foudy just to name a few. After the won the World Cup the team came to Arrowhead and made a tour around the U.S. to thank their fans and bring more media attention to Women’s soccer. Since it has been so long since the women were that significant, women’s soccer has been swept aside a little bit, but with this World Cup it looks like it might make a comeback.

USA has made the World Cup a fun and exciting tournament. On June 8th US beat Australia 3-1. Australia has scored the only goal by an opponent the whole tournament. Megan Rapinoe scored two goals and Solo had some great saves. On June 12th the US had a draw against Sweden. On June 16th the Us beat Nigeria 1-0 off of a header from Abby Wambach. On June 22nd the US beat Columbia 2-0 in an action packed game. Abby Wambach missed the PK but Alex Morgan hit a shot right inside the box and Carli Lloyd hit a PK. June 26th the US beat China 1-0. Carli Lloyd had a lone header six minutes after half time.

On Tuesday June 30th the US played Germany in the semifinals. The US almost gave up their first goal since June 8th to Alexandra Popp. She was fouled in the box, but Celia Sasic could not finish the job and score the PK. The second half of the game Carli Lloyd scored off of a penalty kick and put the US up 1-0. After that goal the United States was even more confident and it seemed like just a matter of time before they scored again. Late in the match they did just that. Kelley O’Hara scored and lifted the US to a 2-0 win over Germany.

On Sunday the US women will face Japan because England beat themselves on an own goal on Wednesday night. I think the US women are hungry for a rematch. In 2011 the US was trying to become the first three-time world champions, but Japan had another idea. Japan came from behind to tie the game in regulation and in extra time and became the first Asian champion when they won 3-1 in penalty kicks. The United States was devastated. Hopefully on Sunday at six the US women can get revenge and pull out a victory. I will be sure to wear my black sports bra on Sunday and maybe even celebrate the way Chastain did if the United States wins.