Here Comes Mullet: TCU Edition



6:30 pm 

Fort Worth, Texas 

Okay, Diary, giggin’ is where you kill frogs with the intention of eatin’ them. We went giggin’. I also found out that you’re actually supposed to do it at night, however we were scheduled for 11 am again. I’m tellin’ myself that wakin’ up this early is preparin’ us for deer season which opened today, though we are currently handlin’ business in texas. I’ve heard a lot this week about a man referred to as “The General.” His name is J.W. Walsh. I’ve been told that he and Darlin’ Angel Mason were part of a 2 QB system last year. This guy must be pretty special to be in the same thought as Mason. I got to meet this J Dub Ya character. He’s okay, even if he does coach for TCU.  

We started the day with a visor, but decided against it for the game because the Texas wind suited me so nicely. Do you ever wonder if the people in the stands under those huge stadium flags ever get claustrophobic? Just a thought. Anyways, we had a weird, slow start. TCU scored first because *cough* Barry J. Sanders. It’s fine, we forgive you.  Which leads me to wonder if TCU’s kicker left for a conflictin’ engagement, because we never saw him again after VTay single handed ruined his life. Literally. With. One. Hand. Maybe it was his mom’s birthday. What I do know is: their punter is goin’ to need a new leg and this was probably the best game we’ve played defense wise. Honestly, we would’ve been in a world of hurt if TCU had actually caught every one of our passes that they got hands on. Or their own passes for that matter. The Frog defense figured out how to cause connection problems for Mason and James. It’s fine though, because Chris Carson does not care about feelins’ or your life, and Chris Lacy is better than you will ever be. We know how good Justice is, he’ll only get better. 

There’s a lot ridin’ on the next couple weeks. Not only are we dealin’ with our rival, we’re dealin’ with a conference championship. We’re a different team from the tape that I’ve seen from our last meetin’ with the Sooners. I’m so proud and fortunate to be attached to a genius. We have a week to rest before we head to Norman. Do you think anyone would get mad if we got there early?